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playvideopoker| Tesla is in chaos, workers wait for the next round of layoffs

Tesla's employees are living in fear of "Dear employees" layoffs.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk (Elon Musk) plans to cut at least 10% of his workforcePlayvideopokerThe plan has been implemented for more than a month, but he has not finished it yet. This means that anxious employees wake up every day to check their information to see if they still have a job. Rolling layoffs are likely to last at least until June, according to people familiar with the matter. These people are not authorized to talk openly about layoffs.

"it's hard to imagine walking on thin ice at work every day. I'm not sure if you can pay your bills or support your family," Michael Minick, a former Tesla sales representative who was fired in April, wrote on LinkedIn. "it would be a relief to know that they can live, that they can focus on their work and that there is no more cloud of uncertainty."

Tesla's workforce has changed dramatically in the past few years-the Silicon Valley upstart, which once had a crazy vision for clean energy, is now concentrated in Texas and focused on other careers, including artificial intelligence and robotics.

Some people who still work in Tesla say Musk gives priority to self-driving taxis rather than 2.PlayvideopokerA $.50, 000 electric car, which undermined Tesla's morale. They also say a task that has inspired a large number of Musk's followers has become chaotic. The turmoil-- some of which was caused by Tesla himself-- caused Tesla's share price to plunge 29% this year, resulting in a market capitalization loss of $224 billion. Shortly after normal trading began on Monday, the stock fell another 1.4%.

Musk has yet to give employees a "clear" signal that layoffs are over, leading colleagues to play anxious and sleepless black jokes on each other. One working employee described the atmosphere as similar to the hit TV series Squid Game, in which characters facing financial difficulties engage in a deadly race to survive.

playvideopoker| Tesla is in chaos, workers wait for the next round of layoffs

This wave of layoffs has affected thousands of people in sales, human resources and almost the entire turbocharger department, and is expected to have a wide-scale impact on Tesla. At the beginning of this year, Tesla had more than 140000 employees. According to reports last month, Musk has pushed for 20% layoffs.

At Supercharger, some employees found that Max de Zegher, the North American charging director, was fired because his Microsoft team (Microsoft Teams) icon suddenly turned gray, indicating that he had left the company.

Over the next few days, many people on the team were saying goodbye, telling jokes and mentioning the Titanic, according to Joel Musial, who was fired by Tesla's construction manager. "We just missed the string quartet!" Musial wrote on LinkedIn.

This dark humor pervades the supercharging team, which has built more than 6200 charging stations and 57000 connectors around the world and is opening its network to other automakers, which should increase the use of related facilities and products.

Mr Musk said Tesla still planned to expand the network, albeit at a slower pace. He rehired Dezegel, but did not say how many more would be invited back.

It is not clear whether the company has enough people to maintain the supercharging station after several technical teams were laid off. A former California employee said 24 people were laid off from an 80-member maintenance and repair team at a supercharging station in Northern California, resulting in a geographical and technical understaffing.

There is now only one employee in the area within more than 200 miles of Santa Rosa and Eureka, who was fired two weeks after the initial layoffs were announced, the person familiar with the matter said.

Another person in a similar position in Canada predicted chaos after he and dozens of others were fired because many of Tesla's charging stations were hours apart and the amount of work required would only increase once more companies' customers were connected.

He said he had been working in a state of distraction and uncertainty for two weeks since the initial layoffs were announced, and that his increasing workload and disappearing colleagues made it difficult for him to concentrate. He said that on Tesla's last day, he was sending technicians to attend daily meetings, only to find that his work laptop was locked at 10:45 in the evening. At 11:01 that evening, his personal account received a layoff notice.

One former sales employee said the job cuts came at a time of weak demand across the electric vehicle industry, putting more pressure on employees who are already beginning to adapt to cultural changes in the company. The person familiar with the matter said that he has seen major personnel changes in Tesla in the past 10 years, and each departure has cost Tesla vital knowledge of the system.

Rich Otto, who resigned as Tesla's head of product distribution this month, said in a LinkedIn post: "Great companies are made up of great talent and great products, and the latter can only be achieved if employees thrive." After the media reported the post, he deleted it. "the recent layoffs have shaken the morale of the company, making this harmony out of balance, and it is difficult to see long-term development."

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